Do ads promote gender stereotyping?

traditional_gender_stereotypes__by_thearchosaurking-d5e5ctdToday, we discussed about how media can stereotype gender in our society. We watched two videos:

Stereotyping?: Behavior differences between men and women

Fox News: Do ads promote gender stereotyping?

The Fox News video is much more difficult since Tucker and Margo both speak very fast. Think about what we discussed, and watch it several times. It might start getting easier for you to pick up some words.

For your homework this weekend, please watch the following video. Also, make two discussion questions. Please post those discussions questions here as a comment.

TED Talk: How movies teach manhood

In the talk, Colin Stokes talks about “Bechdel Test”. If you are interested in knowing more, you can click here. Stokes mentions that recent Disney movies have heroic females (like the movie “Brave”), but they don’t show role models for boys. He asks for more movies that send positive messages to boys: that cooperation is heroic, and respecting women is as manly as defeating the villain.

Click here if you need the transcript

Do you agree/disagree with this? What do you know about the Disney movies you have watched?

Watch the TED Talk carefully for his details. Then, post your discussion questions. Please post your discussion questions in the comments by Sunday 9:00PM.


13 thoughts on “Do ads promote gender stereotyping?”

    1. 1. The influences of movies are very big for children, but I think they are not bad one. Children purely enjoy watching movies. I feel only adults think of gender difference seriously and too much. What do you think?

      2. Do you have any experience which you were influenced by a movie? If yes, what movie, and how was that?

  1. Discussion questions:

    1. Recall a random Disney movie ( or any cartoon) that you have watched. Then, can you tell how did you feel (happy, sad, fun, etc…) and what were the meanings/lessons (either good or bad) that you have learned after watching that movie? You got your answer, right? That’s good, because now you can go to the main question: Would you still have the same feelings and get the same lessons from the movies if the characters changed their gender (men become women, and women become men)?


    2. I guess you guys may wonder why I asked about the feelings and the meaning you could got from the movie if the characters’s gender changed, and do not let you guys read this question until finishing the first one. Actually, it does have a reason. In my case, after I had watched Stokes talks, I tried recalling few Disney movies that I had watched. And guess what, I found out that no matter what the characters’s gender is, the meaning is still the same ( or almost the same). For example, in Wall-E, if Wall-E was a female robot and Eve was a male robot, the final message about environmentalism would be still the same. Another example, in Finding Nemo, if Marlin and Nemo were female fishes, and Dory was male fish, the final message about the love of parents for children was still the same too. Do you guys have the same answer? To find if there is anybody who have the same thought with me, I asked many of my friends about questions number 1. The result was surprising, all of them said “no” to main question; furthermore, when they talked more about the movies, there was no one mentioned about gender or character’s role. All of things that really left in their consciousness is the real message ( about love, humanity, environment, etc…). The character’s role seem like the tool to help the director conveys the wonderful meaning of a movie, like the characters in fable do. However, there is one thing that I am really afraid of: we know that we can be aware of the real message of a movie in our consciousness, so what happens if the character’s behaviors do not leave in our consciousness, but they stay in our subconsciousness, and we automatically assume that they are “all right”? It indeed leads to the final question: Does gender really matter in movie?

  2. stokes suggested that the movies which tells a manly positive message was required like star wars.
    however, i disagree with him because disney movies which he suggested have completely changed recently. as he said, most of disney movies have heroic females. and, also according to stokes, even though girls have a lot of things that they learn from disney movies, these are not models for boys.

    however, i think that old disney movies and recent pixar movies are completely different even same disney company.
    the disney movies like princess that he suggested have few villan’s roles and battles. however, recently, pixar movies have given movies which girls, boys, and even adults can
    learn a lot of things.

    actually, the reason that walt disney created movies which princess and female are heroine is because long time ago, only men had leadergoship at that time, walt disney wanted to tell kids that men and female should be equal, and female also can gain power.

    in my opinion, pixar movies have no stereotypes of boys and girls. as stokes said, there is princess movie called ”brave”, but, i think that there are ”toy stories”, ”cars”, and ”planes” like stereotypes of boy. however, target of those movies is boys and girls because kids can learn cooperation of a companion, consideration, and confidence of companion. these things are needed boys and gIrls both of them.
    i think that even though main characters are not like star wars, boys also can learn a lot of things.

    Q1 if you are a parent, which movie,
    like the one that there are no violence such as the wizard of Oz or the one that there are battle or attack scene such as pixar movies , would you give your children?

    Q2 according to stokes, the role of father is what the father makes the son sympathize with a heroine, and also a son is made to say that he would like to become the heroine’s companion. how do you think about this suggestion?

  3. 1. what is the speaker said the little yellow brick road?
    2.please list 3 movie you like best, and talk about what is each of these movies affect you most?

  4. In my opinion, I disagree this video. I think when children watch movie then they won’t think about gender of movie. Actually, I just watched “The wizard of oz”. When I watched this movie, I never think that is a heroine in the movie. Also I didn’t notice that all of powerful character are female. I just enjoy the movie. I think maybe movie can influence children, but I don’t think that we can through the movie to teach children how to be a good people.

    Discussion Q
    1.Have you ever watch the movie then it influence you? How?

    2.Do you think that people will copy the characters behavior after they watch movie?

  5. Do you agree/disagree with this? What do you know about the Disney movies you have watched?

    I agree with stokes, when children watch Movie, it should help to learn about which points are important for children’s life also when they think about those points, it should more become more positive message point like girls and boys are equal and they should focus on good personality not appearance. When i watched Disney Movie, I could accept good meaning; For example; when i watched “Frozen” I could know Frozen movie want to give us “family love strong ” also not only brotherly “sisterly affection also strong”.

    1. Did you have been watched Disney Movies or any animation? what is you learned about those movies ??

    2, you think, Disney Movies or any animations come out gender stereotype ?

  6. 1. Do you think that current cartoon films stand for stereotype of gender?
    2. What movie was affected you have watched in childhood? How did you feel then?

  7. 1. In your childhood, have you ever learned something like about a definition of men, or women from movies?

    2. Children can be influenced by movies because they copy the act of heroes or heroines. They learn something from movies, but they don’t know what is it, and they can’t think about it.
    Have you copied the act of main character? Why??

  8. 1 Every movie has it’s different life . Now ,the movies has play an important role in our daily life ..when you watch the movie, do you have some special experience that your family members or your friends share the grate moment with you ?

    2 What kind of movie do you like best ? Which is your favourite character ?

  9. 1. What is the most idealistic movie that shows gender role?

    2. Do you agree that movie shows gender role is related to social problem(sexual violence…)?

  10. 1. It is hard to say that which movie or TV show is good for the kids, because of their uncertain mindset, there are many opportunities that they will receive the wrong information from the movie or TV shows. Will you forbid your children watching movies or TV?

    2.Do you believe that the movie will lead the culture, too? For example, the USA individualistic heroism? What about the mindset? Fashion? Creative thinking? Will movie help human at all, or is it just the entertainment?

  11. 1.  What is the role of real men and real women?

    2. When you were child, what did you learn about gender from watching hero or heroine movies?

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